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Resistance to change

After months of the pandemic and even when there is fear of the second wave, there are many who are reluctant to get vaccinated for fear of its possible effects. In contrast, most experts on the Public Policy Panel believe that inoculation should be mandatory.

Resistance to the unknown is natural and transversal. The same thing happens in other public and private spheres, where there is strong resistance to modifying procedures and practices, which over time have become opaque and have lost clarity.

We usually accommodate that others are the guinea pigs, that others change and that they also do it according to what we believe is best, but when it comes to being forced to adopt certain adjustments ourselves, pain and shame are often evident very deep, by procedures that have lost validity, especially in a current context of orthogonality that requires adaptation. The multiple dimensions, both at the health, political, economic, social, cultural level, and even at the level of social networks, clash with the Cartesian thinking of executives and some leaders.

It can be uncomfortable to force citizens or force adjustments in teams, but it is part of the responsibility of those who make decisions at the country level and at the business level. Taking the necessary steps and applying the appropriate changes should not only respond to pandemic legitimacy, to which we were forced to keep operating with the virus, but methodological legitimacy is required, which is what we are moving towards. Internal processes must be changed to allow operating at a higher level.

This is how the majority realize the problem and the need for the vaccine, but do not know how to deal with it. What he does know is that it requires methodologically legitimizing the way of approaching, so that the changes are correctly established.

The pandemic was a good excuse to change and speed up processes, get out of inertia, on time and in good shape. Now with adequate methodologies -that give the necessary confidence and comfort- this resistance can be overcome and the steps being taken to achieve higher objectives and better results can be validated. Let's stop clinging to old customs and dare to take advantage of the momentum, but with legitimacy, also considering a new social contract.

Francisco Ortuzar

Orca Business Consulting Partner

Original text in Radio Cooperativa

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