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New Business Skills

In a recent business closing for this 2021, a consolidated company in the field of information and market measurement lost a contract -which it almost certainly had-, competing with entrepreneurs who were entering the field.

Probably, he failed to notice the imminent threat in time. Rethink a change in the strategy that they had been offering and even the budget considered. Because nothing is like before, and the contracts that used to be automatically renewed or were captive for global companies are now faltering because what senior executives are looking for to close deals are innovative, dynamic, flexible and also convenient services.

Apparently a viable way is to review the processes to simplify operations, focusing on solving daily problems, and perform to achieve productivity, and that this is taken and transferred to customers. Companies serving companies, which are also customers, at competitive prices, reducing costs and generating higher sales to maintain the leadership obtained.

However, there is still blindness in this business field. We must move towards new abilities to adapt to change, and abandon the traditional view that is stagnant in many industries. So much so that today companies must even challenge themselves to deliver greater value, developing proposals that empathize with their audiences, transcending their own interests and those of their shareholders.

Clearly and based on empirical evidence, there is a high potential for impact, but we must lose the fear of questioning the procedures, and stealthily develop adjustments based on what has been learned, the expertise that the trade provides, managed with humility to listen to the internal voices.

That is what will make the difference, what will allow us to face competitors who strike with their different ideas, and who many times had not been taken seriously. They are entrepreneurs who burst into different industries with a fresh look at the business process and are able to compete with the big ones, who were stagnant in generating value.

For this reason, the call is for innovation and entrepreneurship to be protagonists, especially in large and consolidated Chilean companies, in a sustainable and long-term manner, leaving aside antibodies, because if both concepts are not promptly incorporated into the strategy, others will come to capture potential, putting the track even more uphill. The scenario has already changed, and the threats are not only outside, they are also inside, in the brains of the companies themselves.

Francisco Ortuzar

Orca Business Consulting Partner

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