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contagion potential

Mr. Principal:

The latest health reports tell us that we are facing one of the worst phases of the coronavirus pandemic, and the pressure is leading us, in parallel, to be able to look for new initiatives to better cope with these effects on health and on the economy. We have to be able to do it.

Why couldn't we recognize in time the contagion potential that we had in our society? Why did we stay in the successful belief that we already had control with vaccines? If we had taken better care of ourselves, we wouldn't be in this. We could have traveled less outside of Chile, or gone to fewer social gatherings or clandestine parties. Why didn't we see the potential we had as a society and as a State? Not seeing it and not explicitly recognizing it did not allow us to take the necessary measures, and today we have more than 8,000 Chileans infected daily with this virus.

The same can be extrapolated to companies. If we do not go out in search of productive and business potential, if we do not recognize it, and, on the contrary, we remain "believing the story", we will later face the most drastic measures with higher costs for all, such as mass dismissal of workers. That is as extreme as it is now to close borders, ban the sale of non-essential goods and have entire regions quarantined. It is the responsibility of those who make decisions to make the country, the workers and the teams see it, and give them the tools, incorporating the appropriate skills within the entities so that they can carry it out.

The challenge is how to install certain capabilities within organizations that are already successful, to capture greater potential, and how to recognize that current business processes have that latent potential. Let's open our eyes and see the opportunities that we have in front of us, if we are still healthy, let's take the safeguards and apply the initiatives that with greater productivity will bear fruit, benefit the country, and give people work.

Francisco Ortuzar

Orca Business Consulting Partner

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