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Active and sustained search for productivity

A few days ago, the Treasury created a commission to prepare a document with proposals in areas such as productivity, innovation and investment, in order to boost Chile's long-term growth.
Academics and former economic authorities participate in it.

However, if we really want to advance in this value capture, it is essential to take into account some considerations. First, that this type of commissions incorporate other academic disciplines, also surrounding itself with different profiles, such as workers, executives and productivity experts, to generate the appropriate conditions, in accordance with knowledge and practical experience, beyond academic approaches.

Second, to evaluate the possibility of proposing economic incentives for individuals and companies. Because what would happen, for example, if taxes were thought differently in regions to increase productivity in Chile? Would it be an encouragement to move forward? We know that there are different conditions in each sector and industry, but these economic incentives could boost the productivity of companies and individuals.

Third, although the scars of the pandemic remain for many years, as the Minister said, and regardless of the fact that Chile is one of the first economies in the world to recover production levels, even in adverse scenarios, there is always potential in the different organizations.

We have verified that what is required is a management system that brings together all the knowledge present in the different tasks, and that articulates the operational variables of the business or its different processes, with an active, systematic and sustained search to capture that potential. You have to work for that to happen. Focus and let yourself be instructed by methodologies that allow you to achieve it.  If it is not orchestrated in a good way, changes will not be achieved, it must be executed in the proper way.

Because until now, what we have seen is that productivity in Chile has fallen because the different business processes have not been visualized in the connection they have within the companies. It should look different. And now is the time to start executing it.

Francisco Ortuzar

Orca Business Consulting Partner

Original Text in Diario Financiero

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