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Productivity on the road

The millionaire losses of various companies, according to the latest financial statement reports, and the falls in shares in industries, such as retail, wine, and construction, are not surprising and could be justified by the covid-19 crisis.


But although little by little the numbers will heal, there is not much time to continue justifying oneself. Productivity is required, and the big difference between those who only see the imminent abyss or the great wave, and those who survive, is the ability to adapt, which comes to us innately, and that many times inflexibility, Cartesianism and work in silos, prevents acceptance, due to fear.


Here leaders and companies are called upon to adapt, to travel the path of the chameleon, skilful, fast-reacting species. An example is electronic commerce, which is showing a different cost structure, and which is allowing companies to adapt, validating their new way of selling, with positive figures and expanding beyond the ABC1 segment.


This is how, above all, retail, with stores such as Falabella, Cencosud and Ripley, is adapting with resilience and legitimacy, moving to where it has to be done, incorporating darkstores, or dark stores into its logistics, which will help them recover the productivity. Who would have thought a year ago, when Cencosud refused Cornershop, that today -after working with Walmart- it would legitimize it. It will be interesting to see how a dark store concept materializes in a brand as powerful and experiential as Jumbo. There is still much to be transformed and this process is legitimate. As things are, everything can be. It would not surprise even if Uber ends up buying Cencosud later on.

Francisco Ortuzar

Orca Business Consulting Partner

Original Text in Radio Cooperativa

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