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The value of the methodology

That today we have more control over covid-19 worldwide, with the opening of borders and greater freedoms, seems to be an expected result after more than a year of work. But the truth is that keeping the lethality of the virus at bay shows that globally it has learned to operate in this aspect in a different way, and that there are signs of an adequate methodology.

By the way, having a 5-fold increase in the number of daily coronavirus cases in the world, with 1.5 times more loss of human life, is, although it seems hard to say it, a vital advance, which undoubtedly required of an accelerant, which goes beyond the use of masks, medical knowledge and administration of vaccines.

We should not normalize that deaths have decreased. On the contrary, we must learn from this crisis, because a relevant step was taken to curb the percentage of deaths in the world, despite having high infections, and reach the current trend, which has remained stable in the last weather.

We must value the work of the countries, which collected the knowledge of internal, multidisciplinary and transversal teams.

Each country intuitively implemented a methodology that gave autonomy to certain sectors, which made it possible to attack this complex problem in a short time. The cost was very hard, but we learned to "operate" better.

For this reason, from now on, it is key to preventatively warn that planning and help with different perspectives are required to face the threatening challenges. And the same must be learned by institutions and companies.

The observer, knowledge and multidisciplines accelerate good results, and therein lies the value of the methodology.

Francisco Ortuzar

Orca Business Consulting Partner

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