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Productivity yes or yes

Madam Director:

It is a present and future issue to consider productivity as a relevant pillar to achieve personal well-being, and obtain the necessary resources at the country level and at the company level that allow facing the demanding social demands. All this in the face of a slowdown in the economy, which looks vulnerable, with contracted investment plans, a public debt of 39% of GDP and a fiscal deficit that exceeds 8% by 2021.

In this regard, the statements of José Luis Daza of the Kast command in recent days have been very pertinent, and those that the Boric command had already been pointing out. Because reaching a higher level of productivity is essential to sustain the required economic growth, and it cuts across every government, without political current. It is a path that yes or yes must be addressed for the benefit of workers, the country and the companies, whatever the government program that achieves the majority in the next elections.

The confidence and determination that we must advance as a country in higher levels of productivity must be retaken in the business community and in the different levels of the State, regardless of the contingent uncertainties and although today only 17% of businessmen think that the future situation will be better than the current one, according to a Deloitte Cadem survey.

Francisco Ortuzar

Orca Business Consulting

Original Text in Diario Financiero

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