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Productivity Boost: Opportunistic Capture?

In Chile we have a serious productivity problem, as recognized by Verónica Mies, advisor to the National Productivity Commission (CNP). This even though the annual report of said entity showed a rise of 7.4% and 8.7% in total factor productivity.

Because that growth that was observed in 2021 is due -more than just to the use of technologies and teleworking-, to an opportunistic capture in a context of pandemic legitimacy. The productive forces in the different industries were operating with maximum pressure and all those efforts and learning were good. In many cases, the companies were absorbing them, but not with the power of working with the teams, but rather because of the pandemic. Said procedure in itself is not bad, but it does not reflect a change of mindset in the long term. The workforce, companies, directors and the country now need to make a profound change in business processes so that growth is sustainable over time and we take the real step that is needed.                                                             

Francisco Ortuzar

Orca Business Consulting

Original Text in Diario Financiero

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